Thursday, 25 September 2014

6 Amazing Super Powers My SuperMom Has

This Article is dedicated to the Greatest Woman in the World, to my SuperHero- MOM


Assuming, maybe somehow SuperWoman had relations with Captain America (just assuming - WHAT RELATIONSHIP DOES MARVEL have with DC), whatever Super-being that will be born of the union can not be compared to my Mom.
She has never been exposed to radiation or kryptonite - neither is she from KRYPTON. She actually hails from Ubakala, Umuahia in Abia State, Nigeria, Africa, EARTH.
***so i cannot really figure out how she got all these powers.

*As a matter of fact, see for yasef >>>>

#1. Super Sonic hearing. My Supermom hears almost everything. From a restless turn on the bed to a faint cough, from an irregular breath to a gossip between Me and my siblings to a grumble when she sends me on errands while I am watching TV...or busy - with my video games. SHE HEARS 'EM ALL beyond my understanding.

#2. Super Vision. My supermom sees almost everything. Just Like Santa, she can see me when i'm sleeping and she knows most times when i'm awake. But unlike Santa, there’s no good list or bad list (none that i can think of tho'). Just a very looooooong memory.
She can also deduce just by looking into my eyes when I am unwell, unhappy OR unsatisfied with the Eba I just ate.

#3. Lie Detector. This is one of the reasons i hardly lie to her. she has this amazing ability of making me tell the truth even when i want to tell a small lie at that moment. She can also sometimes, look into my eyes and tell when i just told a lie. so I AVOID THE EYES when I want to tell a lie.

#4. Multi-Tasking My SuperMom has the ability to do it all and then some. Cook, help with assignments, give advice, Write, Read. *only she!!!*

#5. Master-Finder. When something gets missing, and i think i have looked everywhere and cannot find it, i leave it my SuperMom. When there’s only seconds remaining and it’s all on the line, you can count on my Supermom to find that missing document OR shoe OR wallet OR card OR pencil without breaking a sweat. It sometimes ain't easy. But She does It!!!

 #6. Sonic Scream. I personally avoid the activation of this Power. Really, you do not want this one.

All the good I am or hope to be,
I owe it to my mama for eternity.
Victory 'The First Son' Anosike

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