Monday, 1 September 2014


 A few nights ago,I went to read in one of the classes in school. The school generator had just been put off and so everybody utilised their lamps. There were 3 young ladies at a corner gisting reading. with a guy in front of them.

And then it happened. Out of nowhere, a cockroach flew in and sat on one of the ladies. She screamed out in fear and started dancing skelewu jumping, desperately  trying to GET RID OF THE COCKROACH.
The lady finally pushed the cockroach away but it landed on the second lady in the group. Now the other lady continued the drama and started dancing azonto jumping, trying to GET IT OFF.

***I actually wanted to enjoy the drama a little before going in to SAVE THE DAMSELS in DISTRESS, But the guy sitting in front of the ladies stepped into the scene.***

He calmly used a book lying on the corner of the class to hit a cockroach which was now on the floor. And then he kicked the dead cockroach outta the class- and SAVED THE DAMSELS.

Just before I got back to my books, I replayed the whole scene in my head.

WAS IT THE COCKROACH THAT CAUSED ALL THIS DISTURBANCE? No!!!, because the guy was calm. It all came from the ladies- who could not handle the cockroach.


"It is not the disappointments we face. neither is it the problems that come our way that matters. What really matters is WHAT WE DO, HOW WE RESPOND. Do we just sit and scream/ complain/ blame others about the cockroach. OR do we FACE IT & GET RID OF IT- or at least attempt to."


****one other lesson: IF yoU SEE A LADY IN TROUBLE, GUY, HELP OUT o, don’t wait too long for another guy to save the day. *winks*

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