Saturday, 13 September 2014

Good Things NEVER Come To Those Who Just Wait for Good Things To Come To Them

You've probably heard this saying countless times:

"good things come to those who wait."

But if you think about this platitude, just like i have a thousand and five times, you will realize that it does not work that way. In the event that it ever happens, then that is like a 1 in 100,000,000 cases. With the way the Universe works, there has to be some sort of ACTION from you...somehow - even if you are good enough to deserve sitting on your ass and having all the good things come to your room.

Have you ever wondered why some good people...very good people are not having what they want. they living broke, frustrated, not living the life they dreamed of...even after praying, fasting, spiritualising...and waiting. I have done that wondering a thousand and seven times. You are probably one of them, or know someone - i know many persons.

One reason is They are (just) waiting for that Miracle or big break to come. They are often times not Doing Anything (or maybe, they are just doing the wrong thing).

"Life does not give you what you DEserve- but what you DEcide." - Unknown

DECIDING involves you doing the right thing- or a lot of right things that may get you what you want'. It is not merely waiting - for God to drop manner from Heaven.
But realizing (after praying to your God) that YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT.

This may not sound fair, but its Life. It is not fair....but it is good.

If you want to get something something sensible, obviously.

#1. Pray. do not leave that out (we all need God). 

#2. Plan. make plans...many plans...and as much as you can, PLAN ON PAPER. And tell your God about your plans.

#3. Act. Do something, make a move, make a phone call, send a text message. Just DO SOMETHING concerning what you want. Do not just end in #1. Follow thru and WORK, only then will you get that which you seek.

For surely: GOD WILL PROVIDE, but you must provide until He does.

Victory 'Go Get Good Things' Anosike.

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  1. well said, it dosn't just end in praying...and waiting...
    There is a place Of work.


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