Monday, 29 September 2014

Machiavelli's Common Sense Talk

“a man whom wishes to make a profession of goodness must necessarily come to grief with those who are not that good.”- Machiavelli.

These words of Machiavelli (Born: May 3, 1469, Died: June 21, 1527 ) makes so much sense. Since we live in a world of competition (aggressive or non-aggressive) and Jealousy seems to have rented appartments in the hearts of those who are not as good as their competitors. Many feel good when you are on the same level as they are, they feel better if they are on a higher level.  It’s normal when People like to be preferred- but people over do things.

 *shoulda probably added that to the rundown of Things I Learnt About People. *

The quote is re-written thus:

"A man who wishes to live up to his professions of virtue in every circumstance soon meets with what destroys him among so many who are evil.”

The above statement(s) by Niccollo Machiavelli implies that there will inevitably be humans who will be at grief (beef) with you just because you are gooder better than they are.
i however think that you can play a part to minimize the number of people that are out for the grief.

You therefore have 3 options:

Option #1: Do Not Be Good at what you do.
Option #2: Be good,..really Good, appear so good and accumulate bitter enemies.

If you opted for #3, amma to help y’all out with that


#1. BE REALLY REALLY GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO- OR TRY TO. I believe that you cannot AND should not worry about not appearing to be good if you are not good in the first place. So the first step should be to be very good (give them something to beef about).

#2. AVOID TOOTING YOUR OWN HORN. In other words, BOAST LESS- or not at all, of your achievements or yourself, especially when you are in the midst of people who have not achieved as much.
Better let other people do the talking...and trust me, people prefer to do the talking.

#3. MAKE MISTAKES intentionally, sometimes. Once in a while, intentionally make  mistakes -as far as these mistakes ain’t going to cost you anything, it’s not that bad.
The grief of most people with other people is virtually rooted down to tha inability to attain the heights of a seemingly perfect nature.
Do not appear to be the Unicorn that most people yearn to be and you should have less problems.

#4. ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE TAUGHT. Learn to give people the impression that they know something you don’t. and let them teach you. People like that feeling, so give it to them.
In addition to the fact that: everyone you meet knows something you don’t, letting other people teach you something will give them the impression that you are not as good as they think, and boost their ego which equals to NO or LESS GRIEF. 

The steps above are not meant to take away enemies completely, because:
a man without enemies is a man without standards.
They are shared only to help you reduce the rate of conversion of your allies to enemies. THAT's ALL!!!

Victory 'Don't Always Appear too good' Anosike.

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