Monday, 13 October 2014

A Highly Effective 'Drug-Dealer' Marketing Strategy

This article is in no way encouraging the use of illegal Crack. If you are arrested possessing or using, do not call my name. Just learn the Lesson.

From the discoveries i have made and the research that i conducted, all fueled by my i-really-dont-know-how-to-describe-this-type-of curiosity about cocaine, I have discovered that THE MOST SUCCESSFUL crack dealers seem to have - at one time or the other - given free samples of their Item (the Crack) to customers (Crack Cravers) . They charge the fee when the customers are in-to it (the Crack).

That, my Marketer friend is something i think that should-be and would-be  entrepreneurs can learn to do.

"...offer your product or service for free- before you charge a fee."

Victory 'Free before Fee Works' Anosike


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