Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Many-Faced Girl

*the story you are about to read is based on true events.

A forthnight ago, i went to class to read, at night, at about 10:30 pm....The school generator was still on, it is usually put off off by 11:00 pm.

While reading (and trying to concentrate on my books despite the noise that night from other students), i looked up and behold I SAW one of the most beautiful females i have ever seen walking into the class. Looking around, i noticed that all other eyes were on her. That is quite understandable on the grounds that the young lady fine- she fine anyhow. She wore a blue jean and (okay, i cannot remember the color of her top, but i remember the color of the jean, because i also wore a blue jean).

She walked towards me -- and sat in front of me and i must confess, i had tachycardia (increased heart rate) and joy filled my soul. In any case, i had to maintain- and form serious with my plenty books. After all, i had a test coming up.
Looking around, i could deduce from the look on other guys' faces that they were also having plans for the same young lady. Poor Thing!!! she was like a young gazelle walking into a den of cheetahs. 

Okay, so i chose to relax and maybe, wait for the right moment. "No need to bother", i thought, "since she's in front of me, maybe, God has a plan for me this night."

And then it happened, the lights went off, i quickly rooted brought out my reading lamp - hoping that she had no shoes lamp, and she may want to join me, but ending up kinda disappointed when she did not. She instead, moved her books aside and lay on the desk to sleep.
I was still patient, like a cheetah watching a young gazelle, waiting for the right moment...
I waited- and kept reading my books (or trying to).

3hours later, she awoke and........

I did not believe what i saw, it was like she awoke with a totally new face- rumpled squeezed with wrinkles all over like an old woman. It was like the beauty faded during her sleep...or she forgot it in 'Dreamland'. I cannot really explain, i mean, i know SLEEP CHANGES THINGS, but i did not realize that it included a fine girls's face (well, maybe not all of them).


I lost appetite interest instantly, and...well, the rest is history.

dunno what lesson(s) you may have learnt from this, but ONE thing I LEARNED that day is:
"Sleep changes things, and that may include a fine girl's face."

Picture Source:  celebedition.com

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