Friday, 17 October 2014

KING Orijin and the Artists [updated]

Long Ago, In the faraway KINGDOM of CANS, The Great and Powerful King ORIJIN who had one eye and one leg asked all the artists in the kingdom to paint a lovely picture of him. But none of them could. "How can i paint a beautiful portrait of The King...with the way he is...with his defect in an eye and a leg?" they each thought.
It seemed impossible...very very impossible.

Eventually, one of the artists agreed to this Challenge. His name was VEEK, and he was a young lad from the clan of THE ANOSMIKs. He contemplated internally, "I think i can." and he did...He painted a Classic portrait of the King...One that nobody thought they Could. It was a fantastic!!! and it really surprised everyone that this fellow (this young artist) could do it.

He painted the King aiming for a hunt. Targeting with one eye closed and one leg bent.

***I am currently searching for this portrait myself....

2 LESSONs I LEARNED From This (Veek) Guy:

#1. I ought to attempt as much as i can to paint like this (good pictures) of others, concealing their weaknesses and exalting their strengths...because no matter how horrid someone is, there is always something good about them.

#2. There is always a way around an uneasy situation.
"It might be elusive, but it is existent."
- Victory Anosike (2015)

Victory 'There is a way' Anosike.

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