Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Medical Student Wins, "MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN PORT-HARCOURT 2014" Beauty Pageant : I KNOW HER

Her Name is ANNA AKPALA. She hails from one village like that in Delta State.

...and she, despite the imprisoning life of Medical School contested for the crown of the Most Beautiful Girl In Port-harcourt... and she won (that's the koko).

One Thing I want to say is: "CONGRATULATIONS ANNA, I bin know say one day you go make us proud."

One Other Thing i want to say is: 

"i know this girl...seriously, she's in my class...we learn together, we laugh together, we eat together...okay, we have not really eaten together...but i have to just find a way to eat something with her - together....as a matter of fact, 2 days after she won the crown, we wrote a test...(it would have been written together, but the examiner relocated my sitting position to the back of the hall. 
I don't have pictures of us together, but NO BE LIE. i really know this girl.

Now, i know some people might be planning to do what i am doing now...to want to show the world, friends and family that they know ANNA (the one person who recently got this success).

But, i stated it here.....first...


I chose to ignore the fact that she didn't just get her success by sitting and praying, hoping, wishing or procrastinating. She paid a price, probably missed some classes, made some sacrifice, did some waka here and there to get this success.
I chose to ignore the fact that she face disappointments, discouragements, hard choices and obstacles along the way. 
I intentionally ignored all that. Because: "people tend to be more interested in your success-STORIES than your failure-EXCUSES or the journey OBSTACLES."

A Successful person is like a pregnant Woman who just gave birth, (virtually) everyone is (or claims to be) happy for her....and her baby....but they really have no idea, or have no interest in knowing the pains she went through in getting pregnant, in staying pregnant...and in giving birth.

When you are SUCCESSFUL, EVERYBODY knows you. Hardly anybody bothers about the hard times you faced, they may have even discouraged you during those your hard times (i didn't discourage her tho')*


.....I know her!!!"

Victory 'i know People sha' Anosike.


  1. the girl fine oooo. i never knew medical students were this beautiful.

  2. hafa you na? lmao. Well, now you know.


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