Monday, 3 November 2014

Na So e Dey Me....For Now

Just 10 weeks to go until the biggest exams of my university life so far. Each day i ponder on what i need to know- that i do not yet know.
By January. I will be sitting for a huge exam, one exam that will test me on anything from the last year of Med School.
I know that e no go easy, owing to the fact that i still need to put all the crazy thoughts in my head into this blog Plus i still need to flex my christmas and New year...although, there is nothing like flexing in the life of an average normal Medical student.
***i am no average normal Medical Student. As a matter of fact,i think i am abnormal super-normal.

Things are just going to be a little bit more stressful…and  I am 100% certain that i am 0% sure of what to do.


I know exactly what i am gonna do, I AM GONNA GIVE it ALL I have, I WIll do my Best and let chineke God, onye kele elu-igwe na-ala  do the rest.

I may only have 10 weeks left to prepare, but on the other hand, I still have 10 more weeks to prepare. 10 whole weeks. 

**just encouraging myself**

Wish me luck!

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