Saturday, 22 November 2014

4 Samurai Keys For Successful Living

Long ago, in a distant land , There was a samurai warrior who was one of the most successful swordsman that ever lived. Legend has it that this samurai warrior had 4 keys for (his) successful living.

They were アフロサムライ (i don't know what the hell this means)


#1. NO FEAR. There should be nothing in life that you should be afraid of. If there is any, you may have to just find a way to overcome that fear. FACE IT and DEFEAT IT!!!
i admit (tell no one) that i had some things i was scared of doing at one time (no, i am not telling what exactly). but then one of the words that helped me to repent was by Eleanor Roosevelt — "Do one thing every day that scares you."

#2. NO SURPRISE. Life is full of surprises...maybe. But then, if you look really really close...and carefully, there were signs along the way that it was going to happen.
 So why does life seem to surprise us then? 
RICHARD TEMPLAR thinks, "It is because we are asleep half of the time".I THINK:"we tend to disregard some signs that could have hinted us that something was gonna happen."
#3. NO HESITATION. This means not waiting for other people to help you make up your mind. Get ideas, Weigh up the odds and just get the hell on with it.
If you waste time, you might just miss the opportunity.
Spend too long thinking and you will never make a move!!!

#4. NO DOUBT. Once you have made up your mind over somethng...and you are certain you made it up with your own make up. Do not go over it again...and again. STOP Worrying. Learn to relax and let go. BE SURE OF THYSELF.
“Take your time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.”                                                                            -Napoleon Bonaparte.

Victory 'low-cut Samurai' Anosike. 

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