Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Legend of Mrs. Aka-Gum

Legend tells the tale of a certain young housewife called Mrs. Aka-gum. AG for short. she lived in the faraway land of NO-HOW with her family. One day, Mrs. Aka-gum was preparing soup for her family...egwusi soup precisely. While she was cooking, she tasted the soup to know how far, and discovered that it was tasteless. But instead of trying to add some ingredients to improve the flavour of the tasteless egwusi soup, she left the soup like that...and cooked on. Legend did not say what the husband did when he returned.

THE END.....

TO THE MATTER... not such a bad thing. Contrary to what many think, it is not. It is a factor of thy conscience. GOOD people have a conscience, BAD people don't…okay, maybe they do, but it must be a skinny one.

GOOD people feel guilty because: they are GOOD and their CONSCIENCE is like a sensor that tells them when they have deviated from the GOOD track. Whenever they have done something wrong...maybe they let somebody down or screwed somebody up...or did something they deemed bad, the sensor within them is turned on and the PPC - Personal Punishment Centre - in heir brains is activated.

This means, it is okay to feel guilty...since it is a sign that thy sensor is not dysfunctional.

What is not okay is - staying GUILTY over something. Feeling bad for a long time over some screwed up ish you did.
Staying guilty without doing anything about it is like behaving like Mrs. Aka-gum in the story above. you need flogging The guilt then is pointless....and a waste of emotions.

If you feel guilty about something, try to MAKE THINGS RIGHT. It might be through an apology, a call, a gift, a text...something to Make It Up.
OR if you are not gonna do something about the Guilt feeling, just feel something else!!!

תחשוב על זה


  1. hmmmm...true. i think this one is for me.

  2. I agree with the overall message, as long as you try to fix your guilt in the right way then there's no reason to feel guilty. If you don't do anything then you should feel guilty!


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