Monday, 8 December 2014

People Who Live In Thatched houses Should Not Throw 'KNOCK-OUT'

Ever since this thought came into my head, i have sought for the English/ Grammatical name for that thing we call knock-out. Nobody around me seems to know the Real Name.....not even my English studying friends.

I currently have no access to one (it ain't sold in the university environment)- and so i cannot do more.
If you know the real name, please do well to comment below..or send me a message and i will change the title of this article......maybe.

But in the mean time, MY WORD FOR THE WEEK.
"People Who live in thatched houses should not throw knock-out this Christmas season...lest they burn down their fathers' houses....or neighbors' houses...and consequently spend the rest of their Christmas holiday living under a tree in a farm...or trying to rebuild someone else's house".

Victory 'KnockOut Thinker' Anosike.

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