Thursday, 11 December 2014

If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going!!!

                             ABOUT GOING TO HELL...

I grew up in a christian home where i was taught that there is a place called 'HELL FIRE'. (i am still a christian).

I was taught that after you bite the dust, you go to either of two places. HEAVEN or HELL...and that this final destination of yours depends on how you lived here on earth.

"what we do now echoes in eternity"
(got that from a movie- THE GLADIATOR).

Basically, if you are a good person, you are very likely to go to HEAVEN...If you are bad, You go to hell fire....and suffer.
Now some doctrines (Christian & Non-Christian) may disagree with this belief but this is the message i got while growing up.

So my message here is...for all y'all who believe in hell:

IF U ARE GOING TO HELL and you know that you know that you are going to hell, stop going!!!
If you are still doing all those bad bad things that are very likely to cause you to go to hell, STOP IT!!! biko...HELL IS NOT A PLACE TO BE. Try to be as good as you can.

                      ABOUT GOING THROUGH HELL...

During your stay on earth, you are going to experience one kind of hell- or the other.
(except you do a lot of space travel, you should know when i say, "during your stay on earth", i mean: "during your lifetime").
You are gonna face some shitty moments....some fiery HELL on EARTH.

IF U ARE GOING THROUGH that kind of HELL, keep going.....

Keep going because you will one day  go out. Keep going so you don't get burnt while standing at a spot. It might be tiring, demanding, disheartening, weakening.....It will be all these.
As a matter of fact, deep down in thy hEARt, you might feel that you do not deserve the hEAt.
Do not give are going through, remember?...that means, you'll certainly get out of the hell....somedAy.
Do not stand still....and wait for a magic or a miracle to happen or for things to sort themselves out...get your ass up and DO SOMETHING...WALK!!! and keep going until you gerrara dia.

"it will be over in the end, if it is not over, then it is not the end."


  1. thanks a mil, dudeSS...i mean, babe. *winks*

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