Wednesday, 31 December 2014

WHY I Think #NewYear Resolutions Are Stupid

It's just 7 hours to the New Year and some people (friends of mine included) have already made their New Years Resolutions - some are still makin theirs. This article is not meant to make those who have made theirs to unmake, but this is simply, why i think all this New Year's Resolutions ish is bull shit, stupid, pointless, brainless...okay that is enough.

If you want to start off a major life change, like you want to start something or stop something, the BEST time to start - or stop is NOW...not January, 1..
Choosing a single day of your life to start a major change in your life is just pointless.
Cos verily i say unto you, you could lose ur Momentum/ enthusiasm/ ginjah if things do not turn out so well on the 1st...because ur whole system is just geared towards the 1st...and noDay else

Now, truly, some people have had their success, but a lot of people have failed in the process of depending on New Years Resolutions.

 Make More Commitments...and less (or No) Resolutions.

Think About It!!!

Victory 'fuck New Year Resolutions' Anosike.


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