Tuesday, 23 December 2014

THE ONLY THING TO DO When Life Gives You Shit...

He was made to believe that life gave lemons...and so he stayed outside waiting for his lemons to come. But nothing came..no lemons, not even oranges or mangoes.,,NOT EVEN PEPPER.
All that came was shit.

Life gave him shit, lots of shit, loads of shit, tons of shit.. And he was quite disappointed. as disappointed as you can be wen u expecting a bank credit alert but you instead just received a message from MTN on "TIPS ON HOW TO GET PREGNANT".

But then after he picked up the courage to get his ass up and wipe the shit off his nigerian skin, He came to the realization of a hard truth that:

Life does not always give you lemons, sometimes its gives you shit. And if life gives you shit … make shit happen!

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