Wednesday, 24 December 2014


It is 7 hours to CHristmas. And millions of CHickens around the country have lost their heads....many more heads will need to fall...cos it's the season of CHristmas
And that is why i bring thee a quick message from the Most High :
While you preparing for the big day Tomorrow, Ensure that you DO NOT KILL ALL UR CHICKENS....or turkey...or fish (if that is what you have to eat), keep some alive.

This time of the year has turned into a consumerist frenzy with many people stressing about money, running around here and there trying to find the perfect gifts, trying to show off (financially).

It's quite understandable, i guess: I mean, you really have to travel to your hometown this Christmas...and it will be awkward if you do not spend like others are spending (kill as many chickens as others do...or more).
Well, while you do that. while you are showing yasef, forget not that a New Year...and a New Month is up ahead.
And it won't make sense if You start the Year 2015 with DEBTS!!!

It is 7 hours to Christmas and i bring thee a message: SPEND WISELY...because There is something about a holiday...a Christmas holiday that isn't all about how much money you spend.

COMPLIMENTS of tha Season!!!

Victory 'Santa's Advisor' Anosike

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