Sunday, 21 December 2014

TIME does not change ANYthing

When i was a little boy...much younger than i am now...i heard them say: TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING.
And so, for every change i wanted, I waited. I Waited...and waited...and waited...and kept on waiting but NOTHING CHANGEd.

Sitting back...relaxing and observing people who had or seemed to have things working out well for them, i discovered that they (unlike me, then) did not just wait for things to happen. They Made those things to happen. For every change they wanted, They Acted....and rightly (not just forming activity).

This ish applies to even the little things in life that may seem like they merely changed with time (eg. wound healing, seed germination, decomposition). They didn't. Some form of energy was put into the process. Some action was done.
So there goes one lesson i have learnt in life.

TIME does not change EVERYTHING. The Right Action Does.

Victory 'Stop waiting' Anosike.


  1. the belief that TIME CHANGES THINGS is one of the reasons that many people are still where they are today.


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