Sunday, 4 January 2015

How To Get Facebook Likes, GUYS ONLY

Over the years, I have seen several guys...facebook friends complain about the 'Female Gender Dominance' - on Facebook. I was a member of the GOS (Guys On Social media) complaining committee *that year* until i realized that no shit is gonna happen anytime i left the group.

It seems like the amount of facebook likes or comments that your posts get on facebook is a factor of your gender (Male or Female)...and the females seem to dominate all the 'likes' and 'comments'.

"A Lady uploads a photo on facebook, and in 3 hours she gets 105 likes and 19 comments. A Guy uploads a fine photo (he thinks it's fine) and in 3 days (72 hours), he still has 0 likes and 0 comments."

"A lady uploads a status on facebook:  'I am feeling sleepy' and in 10 minutes, she has 10 comments from 10 different guys asking: 'can i be your pillow?'. A guy uploads the exact same status and after 30 hours (when he has even forgotten he uploaded something like that) he gets 1 comment - from one guy asking: 'wetin concern us?'."

"A lady puts up an old-fashioned, ancient quote...or maybe just a free-style update like, 'GOD is Good' and she gets 305 likes and 29 comments in half an hour. A guy puts a making-sense spirit- lifting, inspiring quote, but gets 1 like (if he's lucky) after 5 days."

***And so it seems like the ladies run the facebook world***

If you are a female reading is not ya fault sha, continue!!!

If you are a guy, reading this...feeling what i'm feeling, 'I Understand what you are feeling'...really...e can pain!!!
You put up a status and you hope for just 1 you feel like you did something, but you get no-thing.
And that is why i came up with a solution...that works...A solution that guarantees you at lEAST 1 LIKE FOR ANYTHING U UPLOAD.

SIMPLE....Very Simple, i tell has worked for millions of guys around the galaxy me, it should work for you.

LIKE YOUR OWN UPDATE,...whether it's a quote, advice, random thought, observation, photo...whether it makes sense or it doesn't make sense...just LIKE IT. and don't wait for anybody to like it for you...and don't get upset when nobody likes it for you. Comment too...whether it's a meaningful comment...or a meaningless one (like '?' or '...'), COMMENT!!!
"After all, if you do not like your own facebook update, who do you expect to like it for you?"

U may also be interested in knowing THIS METhod of facebook-status utilization.

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