Friday, 9 January 2015

A True-life Tale Of Two Hungry Men

DATE:   8-1-2015
TIME:   7:47 pm

It was a cold evening and the spirit of the studying had come upon everyone in the room. A young lady colleague of of mine (JOY) walked in with a pack of biscuits in her hand. She was like an answer to prayers...of some Hungry men at that time and me...because of the object she had in her possession (the biscuits).

Now it's not like we dey do long-throat o...but with exams in four days, it was a hard thing to leave the fetch some food...especially when we had not finished the chapter(s) that we had  in mind to finish (okay, that's my own lame excuse).
Luckily for me, JOY ignored other seats and sat close to between me and another hungry man guy (IHEANYI).
And then she opened up the packet to eat.

I asked her to give me some (NORMAL THING).
Iheanyi asked her too (ABNORMAL THING).
She became reluctant (SUPER-NORMAL THING).

"I intended to eat this thing alone sef" She said.
"haba!!! then you should not have come here" i replied, stretching out my hands...and putting on an evil a hunger a grin

"ngwanu, take take take!!!" she said handing some biscuits to me and Iheanyi.
"CORRECT babe, afterall there is Love in sharing." i teased.
"my brother, leave that thing, there is peace in having your own", she responded.
".....and there is hope if you are close to the one sharing", Iheanyi added,.... munching.

And therein lies the message i got - with some modifications.

There is LOVE in sharing...especially if it is not your own.
There is PEACE in having your own...especially If no one wants you to share.
There is HOPE in being in the midst of someone that is willing to share....especially if dem never share finish.

Victory 'Hungry Man' Anosike

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