Sunday, 15 February 2015

Church Denominations Have Become Like Political Parties

A few days ago, i came across a (PDP-sponsored) documentary which gave reasons why WE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT BUHARI. Apparently, The APC Presidential Candidate did some not-so-nice things in the past while he was in power and the PDP people thought it wise to let Nigerians know what's up.

Now, this act can be looked at from 2 different viewpoints.

#1. THE POLITICAL VIEWPOINT. In which i must say that this is an impressive strategy...a very impressive one (they must have really studied ROBERT GREENE's "33 Strategies Of War") and uhmmm, let us see how that turns out.

#2. THE MORAL VIEWPOINT. In which i must say that this is not-so-right (In My Opinion). Thy main focus should be on giving Nigerians reasons why we should vote you into power: what you did, what you gonna do AND how you gonna do it...not giving reasons why your opponent is not capable.

But then again, "IT'S POLITICS and what happens in politics stays in politics." Or so i thought...until today in Church - a Church i was worshipping in for the first time.

A leader in the Church (not the Head Pastor) was speaking on FALSE PROPHETS and then (for no apparent reason) he digressed to the Valentine's day Celebration yesterday, saying that TRUE CHRISTIANS SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH VALENTINE'S DAY (his opinion, i thought to myself).
He then further to say that some youths in another Church denomination (he mentioned the name, i won't) invited him for a Valentine's Day programme that they were hosting, to which he declined because (and i paraphrase) Valentine's DAy is Unholy and Unscriptural while I am Holy and Scriptural.

It was At that moment that my eyes were opened and my thinking was triggered... and i realized: it's like the same thing these political parties are doing, they tell you why the doctrines of a particular denomination do not meet Scriptural Standards and why theirs is better.
THE CHURCH- The Body Of Christ IS @ WAR (with itself)...It's like a competition now. CHURCH DENOMINATIONs ARE BECOMING LIKE POLITICAL PARTIES and doing all they can to get your votes membership (even if it means pulling you out from where you already are.  They now incorporate into their campaigns sermons the idea that their doctrines are superior to other Christian doctrines...which do not meet Heavem's standards.

Now, I have no ish with warning the congregation against false prophets, i am simply against debasing other Christian Church Denominational doctrines while exalting yours above all others.

I'M OUT!!!


  1. you are right. i have also wondered at the same thing. why some preachers preach against other churches instead of preaching the main message.


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