Friday, 20 February 2015

GIVE WITHOUT EXPECTING (My Miracle-Working Story)


In 2012, while in school, my hostel precisely, towards the end of the semester (One common phenomenon towards the end of every semester - at that time was that EVERYBODY is liable to go BROKE. I wasn't left out), I went broke. Capital letter ‘B’, The container money i was expecting had not arrived and so I went compulsorily cashless. Did I say Capital Broke? okah, wait, It was not that bad, I had airtime to make calls, internet data, and some change....But I was still broke.

So (using my internet data) I logged into my 2go app in a bid to distract myself from the impending gobe. I beagan chatting with a friend, a spiritual brother (codename: Brother Chinelo)…and I let out the fact that at that moment, I was broke.
I told this guy about my predicament. I cannot categorically remember what I expected him to do sha, but I still let him know.

“how much do you have on you now”, Brother Chinelo typed.
“100 naira cash”, I replied.
“find someone who is in need and give it out, and when you do, ask God for anything and he will grant your request”, he typed next.

I smiled when I saw this. I smiled not because i doubted, but because this was some spiritual exercise we've been taught in church. YOU KNOW like, give your last, your widow's might and GOD will miraculously provide what you want.
Despite my smile however, i believed. I believed that GOD in his mercy (i mean, He just had to show me mercy) would reason my matter (because of this crazy good thing that i was about doing).
I looked across the room from my bed and noticed that my room mate was in a hungry state. My case seemed better than his because i had some foodstuff left, which granted me a higher chance of surival than this dude.
So i walked up to him and said, "bro, i want to open a financial door for you, take!!!!".

****NOTE: when you carrying out a spiritual exercise, you need to sound like a spiritual man/ woman. It tends to increase the efficacy. And so, i tried to sound like Bishop Oyedepo a Bishop, A Miracle Worker, looking at him in the eye while attempting to perform a Miracle.

The guy thanked me wella and went on his way to get some food.

NEXT, i made my request. i didn't want to underestimate GOD's omnipotence and so i didn't ask for something too small (so i can have every cause to call this provision a MIRACLE) and i didn't ask for something too big (so Angel Gabriel does not think i'm a greedy human being). So i requested for something moderate, well around 5 figures.

ABOUT 22 hours Later
My roomie came unto me, smiling, thanking me for the gift of 100naira and the prophecy of "i want to open a financial door", claiming that i really opened a spiritual door with the 100naira that i gave him. He testified said that as he went to buy something to eat the evening before, he met somebody who contributed. He ended up eating more than he spent that evening.
The next morning, he met someone else - a relative who took him to a boutique...and really made him smile.
With all the testimonies, i began to feel like a Miracle Worker indeed and gave the Glory to God. But deep inside, i wondered when the Miracle Worker will get his own Miracle (the amount i asked GOD for).
As you have probably guessed, i didn't get it. Initially, i was really angry - at GOD for breaking my heart.
But after some thought, i realized that Giving ain't something you do cos you want to receive double (that'll make it a bit selfish), it's a Love Act.

****This is just one of the few experiences i have had in which i GAVE simply because i WANTED TO RECEIVE something...i always ended up disappointed. And i know a couple of people who have found themselves in the same ish - giving, with the hopes of receiving something bigger, they either ended up disappointed or angry at themselves FOR GIVING, at the Preacher FOR MAKING THEM GIVE or at God FOR NOT GIVING BACK TO THEM.****

NOW, most of us give and:

1. EXPECT TO RECEIVE FROM HUMANS.  Well, while doing that, you should understand that people tend to forget a good deed done to them.

2. EXPECT TO RECEIVE FROM GOD. This may go against what some preachers preach but, That is UNadvisable because the last time i checked, GOD is not a money-doubler, neither is He your puppet. Plus Biblical givers NEVER gave because they wanted something bigger from GOD. They gave out of their Love, 'twas a self-less act. Whatever reward they got at the end of the day was GOD's decision of a reward.
And...many have walked that path, the path of giving your house rent to God (because your pastor said so) and expecting God to give you your house - they ended up disappointed.
***i don't mean to mess with your faith tho', but i believe if God really wants that kind of Sacrificial Giving (like Abraham), he'll make it clear to you.

THE AIM OF THIS: Is not to discourage you from church when you are asked to or from carrying out those spiritual exercises that Your Man Of God said you should, It is however to make you understand that if YOU GIVE solely because you expect something larger in return, you are likely to end up disappointed. Hence, GIVE - but learn to give without expecting...You'll be happier than way.

HOPe you Roger That!!!


  1. uhm. Bishop Victory, can i send you my account number. i really an open financial door.

  2. Am glad u have reliased that God is not and wil never be a money doubler . He
    rewards every act of giving and every good deed. Bt He does it at his own
    convenient . He doesnt also practice trade by barter. bt d saying givers never lack
    is true . He wil always provide for those who give unconditional and He does in
    his own means, time and quantity.

  3. @RUBY, i need to hear from GOD on your behalf first (this time).
    @CHIDINMA, you welcome, invite your friends...share, i mean.


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