Sunday, 22 February 2015

5 Tips On HOW TO PAY ATTENTION...Even When You're Not Paying Attention

People Love Attention...They enjoy it when you give it to them. Ladies especially (Research Claims). But it's Basic human Psychology: The more interested in people you are, the more interesting you become.

However, they may be times when paying attention becomes difficult, either because you have something else on your mind OR the object of attention is not just interesting enough to deserve the attention..(in other words, the person's just boring.)
When times like that do arise, you can:

1. Be NASTY and say something like, "babe, i have a lot on my mind now, talk to me later."
OR "dude, i am not interested in what you are saying (in other words, "you are boring").

***that could hurt their feelings sha.

2. Be NICE and be Attentive - Or Pretend to be.

IN THIS ARTICLE, i will be sharing some tips on How to be attentive.

TIP #1. MAINTAIN EYE-CONTACT. One of the ways to prove that you are paying attention is by setting your eyes on things above the object of attention. I mean, you cannot categorically have your attention on a person while your eyes is on another person....unless, maybe you have strabismus aka. half past four eye (no offence).

TIP#2. NOD YOUR HEAD. This works hand in hand with the eye-contact technique. You cannot categorically nod your head to what someone is saying with your eyes somewhere else...well, unless you have some kind of half past eight head head tremor.

TIP #3. THE hmmmm.mmmm RESPONSE. This involves you making the 'mmhmm..hmm' sound. This is done to show that you are attentive - and following.
Such other sounds may include:


***you get the point.***

NOTE: This technique is more effective when used in conjunction with #1 and #2 above.

TIP #4. COMPLETE THE SENTENCE. In this technique, you help the person complete the sentence before they do.

For Example:

THE PERSON: "You know ehn, Ikenna is a really cool guy, but the only problem is that he has an introvert nature. I don't think i can date someone like that. We won't be very compatible. You know, since i'm more of an.......
YOU:  Extrovert?
THE OTHER PERSON: "Yess, EXTROVERT, wow, you're so attentive."

TIP #5. THE QUESTION TECHNIQUE. This involves you asking questions that are related to the topic of discussion. You may actually know the answers to the question...but Just ask questions.

AND that's it, people...BE ATTENTIVE & AWESOME...even when you not.


  1. thanks a lot for the tips. now i can pay more attention.

  2. nice article..but what if you simply let the person know that you are not paying attention?

  3. of course you can..if you do not care how they feel tho'. this article is aimed at first/ actually helping you pay attention (more) before simulating one.


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