Friday, 27 February 2015

Lamentations Of A Brilliant #Nigeria Student [The flawed Educational System]

THESE ARE THE LAMENTATIONS OF EBENEZAR WIKINA...and it is something i (along with numerous Nigerian Students can relate to).

I made an A on this test, and I'm depressed. Okay you think I'm saying this cos I
need attention or "Hey Ebenezar you're a great man", or one of those
compliments. But No, I mean it, I actually feel sick.

So I made an "A" because I wrote back what the guy dictated to us. I failed the
previous assignment because I told him some New Media theories I discovered
online--"you wrote out of point", he said. (Interpretation: You wrote what I don't

Why does School have to be this way? Is this Learning? Garbage In, Garbage
Yes I'm lamenting. Can we change the way school is done? I have a very intelligent Cousin whom I pray for every morning. He doesn't fit into this system.
You tell him tractors are used in a farm without showing him one, or without
teaching him how to drive one--he's bored. He starts drawing. The teacher says
he doesn't concentrate. "Stubborn boy! Stubborn boy!


These are just my thoughts. We need to #redefineeducation. Not just in Nigeria, all around the world... I feel like living in the last scene of the 3 Idiots Movie. Did you see that "school"?
That's what school should look like.
You don't have to agree to this... Just my thoughts I said.


  1. this is something i can also relate to. i;m sick of our copy-and-paste system of education too.

  2. You are absolutely right! They don't teach us to harness our potentials, they don't teach us to take a leap of faith, they don't teach us to take risks... All they do is teach us to mange or rather like I used to say; "survive" life instead of "living" it. The system is bad. Thank God you are one of us that are tired of the status quo. But unfortunately there are many young people out there that have been brainwashed into thinking this is the one and only way we can make things happen in life.

  3. you said it all @sadiq,...good thing you feeling what i'm feeling. Thanks for dropping what u think.


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