Thursday, 26 February 2015

LIFE is a Rush..but take a break

Life Is  Rush...and in this rush (of life), it is easy to overlook people that are close to us. mehhhn, i am guilty of this one. I have relatives who are dear to me, friends and people who i deem special. Every now and then, i complain that i have not heard from them. But still i forget to phone or send messages. Not because i do not care o, but because I AM just TOO BUSY....(excuse).

thou art inexcusable, O man...(AND woman.) 
- St. Paul (i think).

It is actually easy to think. "I am tired, I will give them a call tomorrow." And before you know it, a dozen tomorrows have gone.

But then, we have to make out time - because if we don't, time slips past - so fast that before we know it, it is already weeks, and weeks become months, and months become years. And hent, the time is up, and all we have left are regrets that we didn't have much time for those we love.

No matter how busy your life is, make out time for loved ones...take a break.


  1. yeah. i am a little guilty of being too busy too. i pray this month will be different.

  2. nice piece. thanks for the reminder.


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