Saturday, 7 February 2015

Making Pepper Soup

LIFE has shown me pepper...several times...even at times when i didn't think i deserved it.
There were times when i prayed for some SUGAR...worked hard for some SUGAR...hoped for some sugar...when i knew i deserved some sugar.
But Life (being unfair) stoned me with pepper...she showed me pepper....lots of pepper.

And then after i washed my face to get rid of the pepper in my eyes, i realized one truth. LIFE does not always give what you (think you) deserve (the SUGAR). Sometimes she chooses to be a bitch and shows you pepper.
And If Life shows you pepper, nwa-nne MAKE PEPPER SOUP.

***INSPIRED after drinking peppersoup***

Victory 'Make Peppersoup' Anosike.


If you wanna learn how to make peppersoup, CHECK OUT THIS COOL VIDEO BELOW TO TRANSFORM You into a Master Peppersoup Cook.


  1. my brother, make peppersoup abeg. okay, now i feel like drinking peppersoup.

  2. My sister, if you're making, make for 2!!!


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