Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Some Prisoners Love Their Prison

“You cannot save everyone. Some people are going to destroy themselves no matter how much you try to help them.” ― Bryant McGill

A few hours ago, i saw a young girl being treated like (what i wanna call) SHIT by a guy who is apparently her guy. I know the guy, somehow - but i had never met the girl before then. They seemed to be in a relationship like i said earlier, but at this moment the girl was being treated like a SLAVE GIRL.

As this dude yelled at her, with his eyes bulging out, cheeks puffed out, she kept quiet, with her head down in silence. I could see Shame and Sadness streaming across her face like a YouTube video.
He must have been really angry, but i thought he took it to the extreme. He didn't hit her - while i was in that vicinity, so i had no reason to poke my nose in these lovers' business.

As i sat and observed the whole drama between these two people who did not seem to notice my presence, i began to feel pity for this lady and i WISHed i could save her. I wished i could say to this guy, "That is no way to treat a lady, Man."
I wished i could walk into the scene like Jet Li...lead this lady (who was almost crying) out of the environment - and maybe offer my handkerchief for her tears, and if this guy does anything stupid, punch him in the eyeballs...I wished i could remind this young lady that this guy had no right to treat her like a slave- nobody has a right to treat you like a slave...I wished i could be her Messiah at that moment - she seemed like she was in some form of bondage...like she owed a debt...like this dude paid for her father's surgical operation - if that was the case, i wished i could pay for her freedom.

But as i was about to intervene and tell this guy (who i know, somehow) to let this girl (who i have never met) be, i heard a still small voice from within saying,

"enyi, you cannot save a prisoner, if (s)he is okay with her prison............"

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  1. i think you did well not to interfere o, especially since you say you know the guy. i have a good-mind friend who got into trouble with another friend who was abusing his g.f. The g.f that this good-mind friend was trying to help out was the cause of the whole beef. some girls tho'.


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