Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Best Public-Transport Sermon I nEver Heard


I was missing My Momma's food and so i decided to go spend the weekend at home. Well, i was successful - in filling my belly with her food and my pocket too with daddy's money. And now i just had to go back to school (no choice).
In The taxi that i boarded, This young man on my right hand side, mid 30's (i guess) greeted everyone in the vehicle and proceeded.

"Good Morning my brothers and my sisters, I am so happy that you are alive to see this day and i do believe that God has a plan for you today. This morning, i just wanted you to let you know that: GOD LOVES YOU. He does...and to prove His love, He sent his only Son to die for you. It doesn't matter what you have done, OR what you want to do, OR what you think you did, He loves you and He wants you to COME BACK HOME - to Him."

......................the guy then prayed for the repentant souls and unrepentant every other soul and the journey***

I was dumb-founded. I had never heard a sermon such as this, that focused on THE LOVE OF GOD rather than THE WRATH OF GOD. He did not say anything like, REPENT or BURN in HELL...neither did he say: COME TO GOD and ALL WILL GO WELL WITH YOU. He did not even ask that we sow a seed of faith for a particular miracle that we were expecting.
He rather focused on the GOOD NEWS which basically is GOD LOVES YOU.

And so while i sat in my seat, pondering deeply on  this message - on its simplicity, efficacy and potency, I alarm...oh God! IT WAS A DREAM!!!

Image Credit:

Victory 'Dreamer' Anosike.

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