Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Beggar Who Never Begged (AMINA)

Something fascinating happened at Rumuola junction about a forthnight ago. If you familiar with that area, you'll know that it is a busy place crammed with busy people: stall holders, shop keepers, hawkers, drivers, wheel barrow pushers, travellers, tax collectors...and yes, the beggars (which i'll be focusing on).

These beggars come in different forms and sizes - the old and the young, the tall and the short, the dark-skinned and the light-skinned, those of Nigerian origin and those that are not, the (obviously) deformed and the not (obviously) deformed.

Amidst all these factions and groups, my attention that day was especially drawn to one. She was a light-skinned, non-nigerian little girl, about 8years of age. 
***Okay, it was not just my attention that was captured, the other passengers that were in the same vehicle as myself testified of this girl's AWESOMEness.***
Her name was AMINA. She had become quite famous that you didn't really need to ask around if you wanted to get her name, all you had to do was just to hang around the parked vehicles and in a short while, you'll hear her name being called - or you could even see her for yourself (i have no pictures, so just manage the description in red above).

WHAT MADE HER FAMOUS?  It was Her style of begging. It was different. She never really begged (like others did). She instead made passers-by, travellers and everyone around her to laugh.
***I call that The 'HUMOUR' APPROACH to begging.***

Now a typical beggar appeals to your compassion and pity in order for them to receive from you. They keep their faces cheerless and give you that look like you were their only hope of survival - and if you ignore them, they could just fall and die there on the road.
***I call that The 'HAVE-MERCY-ON-ME-OR-I-WILL-JUST-DIE-HERE-NOW' APPROACH to begging***
While this technique seems to work especially on people with a soft heart (like me), it is not always productive and many people have developed some kind of immunity to that technique.

AMINA, however used a reverse approach - she made people laugh.
She was outgoing with an amazing sense of humour, she made funny faces, gave hilarious answers to questions that she was asked. She seemed a bit precocious, yet she was down-to-earth. And yes, she just knew how to smile - when she did.
It worked out quite well for her. It was seemingly easier for her to get blessed from the pockets and purses of men and women than it was for her other colleagues who were still using the 'HAVE-MERCY-ON-Me....' approach.

UNDERSTAND: PEOPLE like being happy. THEY love people who can make them laugh - even when they do not want to smile.
You will very likely find it easier to receive from people if you can learn to spice up your requests with a little humour rather than always trying to appeal to their compassion.
***This has worked out for me countless times - more times than i can remember and i noticed it worked out wella for AMINA as well. As a matter of fact, it worked so well that i almost gave her my t.p while i'z laughing out loud.

***I Will probably cook up a post in the future on HOW TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH/ SMILE - EVEN WHEN YOU ARE DRY NOT FUNNY , but for now, Learn from AMINA, and make use of the 'Humour' approach when asking for favours.

####BEEEE OR-SOME [Be Awesome]

Victory 'Start by Making ya Teacher Laugh' Anosike


  1. This is a really good story... But my interpretation is a bit different from yours; if you want to stand out in a crowded market (where everyone is talking and it is hard to pick out those that are speaking), you need to BE DIFFERENT! you might crazy to people at first-but that kind of crazy is good. And I think that was what Amina did. PS: Did u sketch that?

  2. yea, YOU ARE RIGHT. The difference is always clear.
    Yes i did sketch that...all ink sketches on the blog are done by me - until stated otherwise.

  3. i stay in phcity myself. i wish i could meet this girl one of these days.


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