Tuesday, 24 March 2015

DECEIT: The Seat On Which They Sit

Deceit; the seat on which they sit.
Who are they that sit on the seat of deceit?
They the people enthroned
After promises from sugar coated tongues
Promises unfilled – eternity gone
Projects in the dailies , on ground none
Yet the media sings them praise chants.
Praise singing sycophants!
These psychos are to them what sugar is to ants
They pay the piper so they dictate the tune.
Like flowers they bloom
While We hold our jaws in gloom.
Now , they tell us to re-elect them

I ask, is it to right the wrongs of the first term?
Like students who failed to pass
They seek to repeat the class
Repeat their show of shame;
The-more-you-look-the-less-you-see game.
Once we were deceived with words so sweet
Now we suffer diabetes from their sweets
In d midst of plenty we lack
Now the Polls are back
To the ones they once turned their back
They are back with sacks
Of garri, beans and rice.
Can we be fooled twice?
We are not prisoners but we are in chains.
We are not wounded but we are in pain.
We cry, from our eyes it rains,
Feel like we were flogged with a cane.
We are not sane, yet not insane
Our heads ache but not from migraine,
From the lies told during the campaign.
Election’s over. Pop! , goes the champagne
While in poverty we remain.
They’ve done it again,
Our wealth in their hands goes down the drain,
But who am I to complain
For those who did were slain
Like Abel was by Cain.
Elections are here again
This time, I’ll use my brain
They are here again to make gain
Will I be deceived again?

Composition By: Chiemezie Ibe
Sketch & Presentation By:  ME

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