Monday, 30 March 2015

Not All Who Say 'HOW ARe YOU?' Care To Know How You Are

When someone asks the question, 'How Are You?', (in 99% of research done tho') All they want to hear is the word 'Fine'.
Even if you are wallowing in the pits of despair, it almost often makes no difference letting out what you Are going thru through.

The reason is because, For some most persons, the question is not really a question. It is more of a greeting. To them, 'How Are You' is just another way of saying 'Hello'.
Anything more than the 'I am fine' response requires a commitment on their part and not everyone is okay with commitments (that will not benefit them)....*natural human nature*

"Never share your problems with anybody because 80% do not care and the other 20% are kinda glad you have them."

Well inasmuch as I hardly share my problems, I would not absolutely advocate ED FOREMAN's advice because:

  1. You are not ME.
  2. You are not ED.
  3. Neither me nor Ed knows what your problem is. There are cases where you really really should leave your doldrums.
I Say:

"If you must (like you really must) tell anybody about thy problems, ensure that that person is worth it (really means to proffer a solution) and do so because you need a solution - not some sympathy."

...And one more thing, not everyone who says, 'I am Fine' is really Fine.

BErry Dakara Relates

"Now I know that we can't stop and have conversations with everybody we encounter everyday, but could we perhaps make it a point to ask one person a week - HOW ARE YOU, REALLY?
I'm not saying everybody who answers "Good" or "Fine" are depressed and sad o. But it'll surprise you if you actually take the time out to know how someone really feels. 
At my [former] church, there's this one girl who asks and is very observant. I had rattled off, "I'm fine." once and she stopped and said, "I don't think so. I've been watching you and you seem to have lost your spark. What's going on?" I truly almost burst into tears that day, but it was touching to see that someone wanted to know how I really felt."

Victory 'How are you? Really' Anosike.


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