Friday, 6 March 2015

An Extremely Shitty Article by @sadiqspeaks

DISCLAMER: This article is extremely shitty inspiring (that is: it has a lot of shitty content PLUS it is inspiring).
PLEASE DO NOT READ if you are scared of shit (shit-o-phobic), allergic to shit OR you do not shit.
Some modifications have been made to try to reduce the stink of shit shitty repetitions. For a first-hand, unamended, unrefined version ,CLICK HERE.


In the Beginning:
We are all made in the image of the creator. He created things and gave us potentials to be able to create and make things happen. And this explains the reason why 70% (No research done) of the things we make use of, were created by us.

In other words: we are all created to make shit happen. The most important people on earth are those that make shit happen...As was mentioned HERE . So those that don't make any shit at all consume whatever shit is made available...Even the shit that they don't like because they are too scared/Lazy to make shit happen.
If you are not making any shit or you haven't thought about doing shit , I'd advise that you take a second thought.
This article is for those that want to make shit but don't know how to go about it and those that have been making shit but no one has ever eaten seen their shit.

This is one rudiments of shit making that you must take seriously.
You see, we are all born creative and that's the reason why while we were young, we were all handed crayons and pencils. And we did magic with those items. But as we grew up, things changed, we were influenced by those before us. So that part of us gradually disappeared... Many ended up consuming shit made by others.
So for us to be able to make any shit whatsoever, we need to re-orientate ourselves...Change the way we see things. Delete that mindset that shit making is for only special people (or that there is no other shit to shit). Think about how to make the shit you are consuming differently. Don't worry about the resources you need to make shit yet. Ask shitty questions like.... "Can't I have lunch delivered to my office when I want it and without extra charges?" Just think shit!

2) PLAN that SHIT:
So you are tired of the shit available and you've thought about how that shit could be done differently. Now you have to write that shit down and map out a plan of how you intend making that shit happen.

*Research the market:
*Check out things you need to make that shit happen
*Create a game plan on how to get these resources.

Wait! What I'm trying to say is that you should get close- very close to those that are making shit, especially those that are making/made the kind of shit you intend making.
First you need to identify the right shit makers. Not all shit makers are successful. Research the ones that are doing shit rightly. Find out how they did it... The challenges they faced, how they got the resources they needed, their selling point... Stalk them, Play golf with them. Do whatever it takes to get what you need from them.

4) SHIT that SHIT:
There is no point going through the processes above if you won't event make shit happen. Now you have to shit that shit . Launch that idea, Build that App you've always wanted to build, Write that book you've always wanted to write.
This is the point where the real shit makers are made. Some people, after planning shit and all, they don't work towards it. Because they are scared about what people would think. They are afraid of making mistakes. They don't want people to call them Crazy because they have never seen anything like your shit. But ironically a person calling your shit Crazy is what makes your shit special. So get up and shit that shit... Make mistakes, you'd learn
from them.

Some shit are very good - shit that is better than all the shit we have out there.
But we don't give a damn about these kinds of shit, because we haven't seen their shit anywhere. This happens a lot. No matter how good your shit is, we'd never know unless you tell us about it.
Tell people about what you shit . Thanks to the internet, you don't need to spend millions (if your shit is crazy enough) before people get to know about your shit.
You should also network with crazy shit makers too. Networking is important - if you ever want to get the best out of whatever thing you are doing.
Attend events where you know you might meet potential investors. Leverage business networks across the internet. Just make noise about that crazy shit of yours... Don't stop. Make Noise till they can hear you in Mars.

BONUS POINT: Don't Stop Making SHIT!
The main reason why people don't want to make shit is because shit is hard. Shit making is not sexy at all. Only few shit makers make it. But nothing can be compared to making shit.
So when you’re sure you want to make shit and you've started making shit happen, BE CONSISTENT... Keep shitting that shit. No amount of shit is enough for you to stop.
When you make shit continuously, you get better... Your shit stinks better, you eventually put your shit right on top of every other shit because your shit is consistent.
Let us make shit happen... And Lots of it!


Shitting is some serious *life* business. Ensure that your place of shit is (somewhat) comfty/ okay for you. That'll make your life a lil' more enjoyable.
What i mean is: Do stuff that you gonna be happy doing...Cos It won't make sense if you exert your Energy on something that ain't gonna make you happy. After all, there is nothing as good as shitting in a place that you love/ enjoy shitting it.

###Okay, Bye!.....and Do Not Forget To Share This shit.

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  1. this is an amazing piece. shitty amazing, i must say.


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