Sunday, 15 March 2015

Super Heroes In THE REAL WORLD

As a boy growing up, i watched a lot of SUPERMAN...and SPIDERMAN...and all those Super-hero movies. After i was done watching, i used to fantasize about being a SUPER HERO. I would use my mum's wrapper as a cape and jump from chairs, beds and tables...(actually, i flew in my imagination). I recall catching spiders on several occasions and putting them on my wrist - hoping that they would somehow, in someway turn out to be radioactive...and bite me...and this will somehow, in someway mess with my DNA...and turn me into a SPIDERMAN.

I used to imagine myself doing some super-hero stuff: saving people from accidents, stopping crimes, rescuing one girl like that from bullies (o shit!!!, she gonna love me).

A few days ago, i watched the movie IRON MAN (for the umpteenth time) and i began to fantasize...again (yes, I haven't outgrown that yet).

I imagined how it would be like to live a normal a normal guy (but in possession of an Iron Suit) - going to school, events, parties, church, giving to charity, and at a specific time of the day - or night, i'm working on an Idea or Project that could change the world.
And yes, you remember the way he rescued a whole village from THE TEN RINGS , that made me imagine myself flying over to Sambisa (or BAlmo) FOrest and trying to locate those Chibok Girls.
***scrap that, with a suit like that, i would actually locate those girls and bring 'em all home.

It is all in my head. I can't do all that super-hero stuff (at least, not yet), i've never stopped a robbery. i've never had a chance to rescue a girl from bullies (not like i'm wishing that will happen anytime soon sha), I have no cape, no claws, no mask, i cannot spin webs.
I am just a normal guy - who loves eba goes to school, events, church, parties...and i have no IRON SUIT.
I may never be able to rescue the Chibok girls and bring them home...
And you know why? cos i am no Super-Hero - not that kind at least.

IN THE REAL WORLD, there are no super heroes (none to my knowledge as at the time of writing this, i think the World needs one tho').
But there are our world who go unrecognised...because they are not super.

The Mother who sells her clothes so her child can eat.
The Father who swallows insults from his landlord so his family can get a place to stay.
The Lady who gets abused because she refused to abort a pregnancy.
The guy who defers his admission so his siblings can survive.
The soldier who puts his life on the line so the city can be protected.
The policeman who loses his life during a PDP/APC supporters clash.
The medical professional who makes every effort to save a life.
The one who fights incessantly for the rights of girls to go to school....etc.

IN THE REAL WORLD, these people are heroes. They may get no awards or recognition or thanks for their heroic acts, they may not even appear on the news. As a matter of fact, in some extremely shitty cases, they die (get shot, get burnt) unrecognised. But they do make a difference. And they live(d) among us.
To be a hero means to step across the LIne
To make a huge sacrifice, though you not paid a DIme.
Heroes are always deviant, heroes take a RIsk,
THey do that which others want done, but are still wishing for it.

Victory 'Hero' Anosike. 


  1. Insightful stuff. Reminds me of an article I wrote years back about how we don't need a Cape to be a super-hero and that all we need is action. You really nailed it with this article and I think almost everybody should read it. It is definitely worth sharing.

  2. nice write-up bro, Flesh and Blood did not reveal this to you. did it?


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