Friday, 13 March 2015

THE GOLDEN RULE: Only Those with The Gold Can Break The Rules

In Biblical texts, Matthew 7:12, states:

"One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself."

This is what is known as The Golden Rule. And for centuries it has been used as a maxim, ethical code or morality manifesto.

BUT, in the real word our my country, there is another GOLDEN RULE... that seems to supersede the one stated above. This Rule has, for as long as i can remember been the koko in the game of Politics and even, normal Everyday life.

It simply states:

"Only those with the gold can make (and break) the rules."

Quite simple,  Those who have the gold have the power.
Now when i say 'gold', i don't mean 'Just Money'. I mean 'PLENTY OF MONEY'.
If you have enough of that, you get empowered to make New rules (that please you) - and Break existing Rules that do not please you - with impunity.

In our society, Law Making is reserved for and dominated by powerful business organizations and Extremely Wealthy individuals....the High and the Mighty. The most successful LAW Breakers also belong to this category.

The rest...the low and the not-so-mighty can neither make any rule nor get away unpunished if found guilty of breaking even the seemingly smallest of them all (the made rules)...
why? cos they lack the GOLD.

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