Tuesday, 10 March 2015

When Answering The Call, Ensure That It Is The VOICE OF GOD

Over my years in church, there have always been those Church people who are not like 'The Rest Of Us.' They are more committed and more into church-related ish better than 'The Rest Of Us'.
***I am still in church!!!
They are the Powerful PRAYers (those that pray so well that the foundations of buildings shake), the Spiritual Sensational SINGers (those that sing so well that the Choir Angels in Heaven seem like fledglings), The PREACHers (those that preach so well that even satan considers repenting)...there are also the Gifted Healers, Dreamers, Tongue-speakers, demon-casters....etc.

Now these people are so good, committed and gifted in their areas of specialization what they do that the rest of us often think that they have been appointed or anointed from birth to be PREACHers, SINGers or PRAYers....etc.

Over my years in church, I have seen a number of these fellows turn out to be Spiritual Heads: pastors, evangelists and prayer warriors and, when interviewed, they give the reply that they were only obeying the voice of God in ANSWERING THE CALL.

Now if you one of them, one thing i want to say is: MAY GOD BE WITH YOU.
But...ENSURE THAT IT IS REALLY THE VOICE OF GOD you obeying....not the voice of satan man calling/ suggesting/ coaxing you.
For Verily, verily I say unto you, many will show up and say unto thee, "THE LORD IS CALLING YOU", They will try to ginjah you and imbibe in you the idea that thy commitment and the way God is using you mightily is a pointer to your calling into THE MINISTRY. But then many have walked that path...it is twisted.
You need to be sure before you make such a decision…double-check if you must, it’s not disbelief, it’s mere double-checking. God wil understand.

UNDERSTAND: A spiritual position is a very sensitive leadership position… not necessarily because of the spiritual parols you will running, but also the fact that when spiritual leadership wahala arise, You need to be really sure of who you gonna run to..…GOD or MAN.

###Consider That before going into the Ministry and may God Be With You!!!

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  1. you have a point. your drawing is also funny. lmao.


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