Thursday, 2 April 2015

How I Fell In Love

Once upon a time in my not-so-perfect but weird and happy life, i was alone...with myself, for myself, by myself..just minding my own like say na just me...and eating eba in the garden...when i heard my name, "Victory!, Victory!!", i looked around and then up, and i saw...CUPID. (yes, that aproko that likes doing work that nobody sends him). He looked at me eyeball to eyeball and said:
 "it is time to get struck with the arrow of love!!!" (his little voice reverberating).
"Never!!!", i cried as i ran. I am quite a good runner and so i really ran...faster than Usain BOlt. He brought out an arrow and shot at me,  but he missed. He shot again, but i dodged. And i kept running..and running until he was out of sight. I still kept running.

I ran until it was dark...and i came to a pit. The pit was deep...very deep...and dark inside. I could not have seen anything if it were not for a lamp at the bottom...a reading lamp...on a table...adjacent to a seat...on which a lady was sitting. She was young and fair and she was studying. I could see a lot of books around - big and small, different colors...a wide variety. This magnificent lady was studying seriously...and sipping Hollandia. She was also putting on a white coat (like the type that Health Workers put on at work). And while i was observing and wondering and thinking to myself if i should JUMP AND PASS or CLIMB DOWN, CUPID came out from behind me and shot me...yes, the bastard struck...on my butt...precisely on the V spot.

"Ah!!!", i yelled as i fell into the pit. the young lady heard my cry and looked up at me...(she had the most charming eyes ever, they were so charming that i almost forgot that i was falling).
I expected her to do something, catch me maybe, i thought she would catch me, i hoped she would...the only thought in my head then was that she would catch me...or at least put a foam for me to land i fell, i called out yelling,,
"faiiiiiinnnn girl, catch me!!!, i am falling for you!!!"

To my greatest disappointment, she moved from the spot...and watched me...she did not at least put that foam for me to fall on, she just i fell.
Before i hit the rock bottom. I wondered why she did what she did. I tried to find a reasonable explanation.

Could it be that i was not good enough for her to catch me? OR
She was scared she'd get hurt while trying to catch me? OR
She thought i would distract her from reading her plenty plenty books? OR
She didn't think she was strong enough.

I do not know why, but what i do know is: she made a choice not to. And so i fell...and hit the ground...and broke my head...and went into depressive shock...and woke up in the hospital on my bed.


***OKAY, wait...this is not the End, it is actually just the beginning.


  1. hmmm...Super story. lol. Happy New Month, by the way.

  2. where is the part 2? ah don dey wait tey ooo

  3. ...still undergoing production, we had some setbacks and stuff. Lmao!!!


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