Thursday, 30 April 2015

Something Every #Writer Can Learn From Chain-smokers

"Chain smoking is the practice of consuming multiple cigarettes in succession, sometimes using the ember of a finished cigarette to light the next. Typically, a "chain smoker" is used to describe a person who smokes relatively constantly, not necessarily chaining each cigarette. The term applies primarily to cigarettes, although it can be used to describe incessant cigar and pipe
smoking as well. It is a common form of addiction ."

As soon as you finish one book, one article, one poem..., one composition, start writing something soon as you can.
Smoke Write Constantly...consuming multiple cigarettes papers in succession.. And if you burnt out, that is okay. Go Out for a while, Travel, Talk to people... And do all these so you can come back and light another cigar continue writing...MORE.

This article is in no way encouraging the smoking of cigarette. Just learn the Lesson!!!

Victory 'Chain Breaker' Anosike.

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