Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Statement To The 'god of death': A Short but True Story

In the GAME OF THRONES series, Season 1 Episode 6, the following conversation transpired between two (of my favorite) characters: Syrio Forel and Arya Stark.

ARYA: "Do you pray to the gods? The Old and the New .
SYRIO: "There is only one god, and His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: "not today". "


DATE: Saturday 25th April, 2015
LOCATION: My School, My Hostel
TIME: 8:20 am

I had just finished participating in the General Hostel sanitation and uhm.…I decided to go check on a friend of mine who was a bit off color. He had a Sickle Cell ish crisis the night before and he was recuperating. This guy is a GAME OF THRONES fan like I am. He, in fact was the one who got me infected with the GoT Virus....but I digress!!!

When i got to his room and askèd about his state, His roomies claimed he was okay and asleep and so I asked one of ‘em to give him a message when he awoke. A message which simply says: "NOT TODAY."

After I said this, the dude who was deemed asleep opened his eyes, looked at me and gave a smile which I could interprete only as: "Surely , man, not today."

TIME: 8:40 am

I am under this  mango tree [PHOTO]...close to the huge refuse bin just outside the hostel, sorting out some papers and books that i had brought out from my wardrobe while tidying my room. I had earlier-on decided to clean up my closet wardrobe in the spirit of the Sanitation and declutter it...and it was one hell of a clean-up/ decluttering process.

The mango tree which was once a source of shelter (for humans and animals), wooing site (for females), meeting point (for lovers) and food (for hostel residents) had suddenly started withering. I could imagine it being like the fig tree cursed by JEsus Christ in the scriptures.

While i was under this tree seriously doing the paper sorting. I suddenly heard screams...of people with eyes on me...accompanied by a wave of wind behind my head.
A branch of this Mango tree had just fallen and it narrowly missed my head. The look on the faces of witnesses made me realize that they perceived the severity of what would have happened...probably if I were 1cm backward or if the tree branch fell 1cm forward.
And they all gave glory to God that that did not happen....it would have become a University emergency if that branch had hit me...but, once again, i digress!!!

When I looked at the branch lying on the ground and imagining the kind of trauma that would have occured if this had hit me on the head…I smiled, shook my big head and said:
not Today.


  1. thank God for your life o. this is a big testimony.


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