Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I Write, But I Am Not Always Right

I write a lot. I have written a lot…in a lot of places – my room, in class, on the road, in church, on my bed, under my bed, in the toilet...on a lot of things - my jotter, my class note, my textbook, pieces of paper, my palm, my phone...when I am reading, watching movies, trekking, eating, shitting...I WRITE, I WRITE.

It is just me. I write  a lot because I think a lot..I ask a lot of questions - WHY?, WHY NOT?, WHAT IF?, HOW?, REALLY?…and I love to share my thoughts and the answers I get from the questions I ask - in my writings.
But that does not mean that I am always right in my hypotheses and theories. It does not mean that i know it all, that i have all the answers.
It only means that I am not scared to be proven wrong.

Victory 'Why i Write' Anosike.

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