Monday, 6 April 2015

Just Milk Another Cow

There will be times in your life when you put so much effort into something - a cause, an idea, a project, a relationship or a make it work out...but it doesn't...IT FAILS!!!

Often times, it seems like you didn't do your best wasn't good enough.
(I understand, I have been there).

Well, don't just sit there and cry...or sulk over what you lost (what failed). Do not continue being unhappy over what cannot be undone. There is no need being upset and to complain over the past loss...because all that ain't gonna solve anything...when the milk has spilled, it cannot be re-used and some things in Life are just like spilled milk, you just can't do anything about them, they cannot be amended (put back into the container).

So what do you do? Milk another freaking Cow.

HApPY Easter!!!

Victory 'Milk a Cow' Anosike.


  1. The greatest glory is not in never failing bt in rising each time we fall.

  2. quite motivating. happy easter in arrears o.

  3. True @chidinma. I like ur surname o - DILIBE.
    Same to you too @Raymond.


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