Friday, 10 April 2015

About The Test I Just Wrote

About an hour ago, I was in the hot seat...for an assessment Test...on Microbiology.
4 Questions in 1 hour.
With the Adrenaline surging through my system, i surfed through the questions and tried to regurgitate every thing I know.
As I was about to begin writing, the invigilator re-read the instructions: ANSWER NUMBER 1 and any other 1 question.

***I missed that out, I had become so used to answering 4 or More Theory questions (some where often pregnant - if you know what I mean) in 1 hour or less that I thought 'twas a normal thing - or maybe it just didn't occur to me yet.

I didn't believe my ears when I heard the instructions. "Just 2 questions for 1 hour?" I thought.
I begun. Nothing complex about the questions i answered - Just *give a List of ???* and *write a short note on the clinical presentation of ???*

I finished quite early...too early I must say, that i began to feel like I needed to write more, but doing so will mean me going against instructions. And so, i sat...wondering...i even composed the article right there.
I finally the 39th minute...*first to finish!!!....after that guy that likes reading big textbooks had submitted.*

The Story Behind My Story:
Throughout my days in the University, every assessment test or exam written has always been one in which The Time Is Never Just Enough. And so, if the questions look just too simple, the students try to over-scrutinize...just in case the question-setter is up to something.
Sometimes, we right. Some other times, we not.

The Lesson Behind My Story:

"Life is hard", that is what we've been told. That is what we see all around us. But, sometimes, Life becomes momentarily simple...either because of a stroke of luck OR hard work. Whenever it not try to complicate it.

***This Article Was Scribbled In The Hall when I had nothing else to write.
Photo Taken Outside The Hall when I had written all I could write.***

Victory 'Student' Anosike.

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