Monday, 20 April 2015

Why I Can Write An Article Daily [updated]

As at the time of writing this article, I have 5 notepads filled up with ideas, compositions and ideas for a composition yet to be written and uploaded. I also presently have 48 unpublished articles in my blogger drafts.
As a matter of fact, if all things were equal, I should be uploading at least an article a day.
I can. I know I can, but I don't...because all things are not equal.
It is either I have a pile of school books to study OR My Tecno P9, from which I do most upload has a low battery OR The sketches i'z working on for the article ain't set OR My subscription just expired...!!!
***several hindrances to overcome!
As a matter of fact, I have an exam the day after tomorrow - and this article has been sleeping in my drafts for weeks.

But not withstanding, below are some tips that make it possible for me to always have something to write on...daily.

1. I READ A LOT. I am a curious human being...overly curious, I must add. It is like I was cursed endowed with the 'want to know' ability. I like to know stuff, and so I read - books, blog posts, articles...even blog comments.
***I currently have several books (non-academic) to read [CHECK OUT last Year's Book List >>>> HERE] ...and some ebooks which I downloaded to my mobile device. I also, currently follow religiously some blogs, Below are four six out the many.
Reading a Lot, i believe helps to expand my thinking. And it gives me the inspiration and the ideas to write more,...and I do.

2. I THINK A LOT. Thinking is not the same as Worrying. Some people seem to confuse that. You think because you have a brain, You worry lack hope....probably.
I think a lot...I question things a lot. I believe in questioning theories and thinking them through... Before I accept them for myself.
  • How?
  • Why?
  • What if?
These are querries that can be utilised in the thinking process. And when I do get answers from the queries during my thinking, I share writing.

3. I INTERACT & DISCUSS WITH PEOPLE. Discussions with people have really proven relevant in my writing. Now i know some discussions can lead to arguments...especially since practically everyone hates to be proven wrong and we all wanna make our point supreme, but then these arguments can improve our knowledge if we are not overwhelmed by the fear that our new knowledge might alter our innate belief systems.
There are also several people I love hanging out with...mainly because of the fact that they say and do things that form the background for a composition.
They are often unaware of what they do...or say, until I create a blog post with a statement...or action of theirs.

***A lot of friends of mine have unknowingly (in words or actions) handed me the bricks used to build a composition... either when they listening to their favourite music, drinking alcohol or eating their favorite meal. It is then left for me to use the bricks (the words of their mouth or their actions), analyze them (think about it #2 above) and then build (write).

4. I CONVERT MY FACEBOOK & TWITTER UPDATES TO ARtICLES. I must confess that i learnt this trick from Ofili in his article- HOW TO WRITE A BOOK WItHout WRITING
Where he states:
"if you take all the comments, notes, status updates you have made
on facebook and other social media sites (including emails)
you will begin to realize that every single one of us has written multiple books without ever realizing it! "
Now, prior to my blogging life, I used to upload a Lot of my write-ups on to my social network accounts. I shared stuff that I thought made sense AND stuff that I thought didn't. Stuff I loved doing...and some rhema I just got. When I had the new life - The Blogger's Life, I simply transformed my social network ideas/ posts/ comments into articles and uploaded all the potential social network content to my blog.

5. I HAVE A JOTTER. And I write a lot. This prevents those volatile ideas from evaporating. I also have a Nokia 130 phone which I use to type...just in case I am in a siche where I cannot use my jotter.


6. I WATCH A LOT OF VIDEOS. I am actually a Movie freak (confession) - like, I watch a lot of movies. One weird thing I do a lot also is jotting...While watching Movies. It is Either I have my Jotter and Pen with me when I am watching alone OR I utilize my phone when I am in a public place  - like a cinema (I try to avoid the attention that people give when they notice me writing AND watching). But, I get to learn from movies, basically...New words, new slangs, new idioms and phrases that I could incorporate into my writing...even things that have been useful in my academics too.

I also watch a lot of TED 1 video everyday...(I am preparing to watch one at the moment). Things just got sleeker for me since I have an app - TUBEMate which helps me download YouTube videos. And thus, any (seemingly) interesting speech/ topic that I notice on the TEDx twitter account gets searched by me on YouTube and downloaded to my mobile with this app,...and I learn more, and get more ideas for my compositions.

Victory 'Daily Planet Writer' Anosike.


  1. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
    This is my best anosmik article...I guess I'll have to check in more often.Keep up the good work.
    You just made my month

  2. Lol!!!
    Okay..,thanks, please do check more often.
    My pleasure, making your month.


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