Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I fucked Up sha

This past Saturday and Sunday seemed to be like the most surprising days in life of Students (hostel residents) in my school. Why? We had light (power supply)...excess. I mean, this has never happened before. The light refused to go (there was no power failure). Okay , wait...it went occasionally, but when it did, it was restored within 5 minutes.
Now like I said, this had never happened...and an investigation panel was almost set up to find out why?

Prior to Saturday and Sunday, hostel residents could be sure of power only in the mornings and in the evenings. And this power was from the University power plant generator.
When I got into this school 5 years ago, the school generator was put on in the mornings from 5am - 8am...and in the evenings from 6pm - 11pm.
Over the years, things just got worse...I mean, THINGS CHANGED, and we get power from about 5:50am - 8:00am in the mornings (with occasional come and go). And 7:00pm - 11:00pm in there evenings (with occasional come and go, and if the Operator is in a good mood).
But then, We, The Students Of This Great Nigerian Federal University are not complaining...at all. We are used to the system., and have adapted.

I write this article on a low battery, the lights are not on at the moment 6:29am, it was turned on today at 5:52am. And my battery is crying, "son of Anosike, have mercy!!!", since I used it throughout the night.


I came across an article this morning IDEAS ARE LIKE ORGASMS by Bishop Sadiq Daniels

In it, the writer stressed on the importance of writing down those ideas that pop into your head...as soon as they pop into your head.
His story reminded me of my story...you really should read his story.

It was the 1st Day of November, 2014. I was traveling for my grand father's funeral (GOD bless his soul) with my folks. Along the way, I was lost in thought. I had my jotter and pen in hand and thus, i put down everything I thought about. It was so serious that the jotter was almost full before I got back.

But Somewhere along the journey, I dozed off...and then I got a revelation. Maybe it is not a revelation per say, because I still cannot remember what the hell in Heaven's name I saw - or thought of, unlike most other scriptural revelations. One thing I know, however is that I awoke, smiled at what I thought of, and went back to my sleep... Yes, yes, I know, I should be flogged Deserve Orijin for that.

After I awoke from my slumber, I picked up my pen and tried to write down what I thought of, that time...but all I could think of was: NOTHING, Nada.

I was momentarily angry with myself. So angry that it was like being given.......(okay, I cannot think of an analogy for that at the moment).

"Ideas are volatile, they evaporate from the head easily, To prevent their evaporation, they they a Conversion to a non-volatile form - THE PAPER FORM."

Victory 'Ideas on Paper' Anosike.
PHOTO CREDIT>>> ME...in my Non-Academic State.


  1. well said. ideas like orgasm? i need to see that one.

  2. No wahala. Hope you return here sha. Lol.


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