Saturday, 9 May 2015

Learn To Say "NO, I Don't Want"

One of the best and biggest time savers I have come to discover in my 20-something years on earth is the word: NO.
It is not just the best and biggest time-saver to me, it is also the most effective. That word is magical. Saying that 2-letter (but not-so-easy-to-say) word when I ought to has always helped me save my time and redirect my energy into something better and more productive...and consequently, keeping me happy. NOt saying that simple 2-letter (but not-so-easy-to-say) word has been the reason why sometimes I feel like I just wasted my time in doing something...and that shit can cause regrets....and I try to have NOne.

NO is a complete sentence on its own and sometimes, we tend to forget that when we are NOt okay with something, we can simply just squeeze our face smile and say NO.
Sometimes, we do NOt say the NO that we ought to in a bid to please some human, as a way to prove our loyalty and respect (which i think can be stupid at times) OR maybe just because we are scared to not-say-Yes.

We should say NO to what we feel, in our hearts we do NOt want, NO to doing things out of obligation, NO to anything that could mess with our freedom of choice. NO to treating ourselves, our health, our lives NOt as important as someone else’s.
As a matter of fact, whoever expects you to NOt say NO at all times has NOt your interest at heart...really. And Sometimes, NO is the kindest word you can say to someone.

And so, my brother man and sister woman, umu nwoke na umu nwanyi, ndi-mmadu na ndi-mmuo ni-ile na-agu this article:

"let this article this evening birth a new beginning for you to learn to say NO…a NO without feeling guilty or selfish. A NO without feeling mean. A NO without the worry about WHO or WHO DOES NOT get upset…"

Typically...and Ironically, a child learns to say NO before (s)he can say YES. But growing up, for many of us comes with the inhibition of that will to say NO.

Okay, Bye!!!

Victory 'NO Saves' Anosike


  1. NO is as Important as saying Yes. We should learn to say No the same way we scream Yes without feeling bad about it. Maybe because we addicted to respect or because our mind have been brainwashed into thinking No means Negativity or we are scared of what our 'tribe' will feel about us. No means "yes I'm ready to stand out from the crowd". No means "Yes, I have pressing issues to tend to". No actually means Yes. We should learn to see positivity in our NO's, perhaps that will help us feel better saying it.
    BTW what does umu nwoke na umu nwanyi, ndi-mmadu na ndi-mmuo ni-ile na-agu mean?

  2. Haha....okay, it means:

    "Men and Women, humans and spirits."

    ***kinda felt like writing ibo.


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