Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Why I DisLove Lending Books

First of All (just in case you new here), I am an ardent and avid reader - of books (good books, bad books and the ugly (covered) books), posters, magazines, billboards, i am still working on newspapers, t-shirt write-ups, blogs and online articles…I READ THEM ALL.
Okay, wait…I read only those that appeal to my curiosity.

Second of All, I think I AM ADDICTED...to Buying Books. I mean, this shit does not really apply to school books (as a matter of fact, I am practically the opposite when it comes to school books…practically).
At one point in my life or the other, I may have done some things, gone to extremes OR made some sacrifices in a bid to get my name inscribed on an interesting (or seemingly interesting) book that I had yearned to have.

Like That One Time When I sold my phone - my NOKIA C1. I had just gotten myself a new phone and thus, the Nokia was just resting some place.
I met this guy who was in dire need of a (fairly used) phone and was willing to pay for one. Well, since mine was intensely- fairly used, I gave it to me and asked him to follow the spirit and give me what he had. (I Wanted to do some generous act in the spirit of Christmas). I, eventually got 3k for it from this dude.
As soon as the money entered my palm, I got into a taxi to one of those bookshops in Rumoula…and purchased a couple of books that I had been longing to read. It was after the purchase that my eyes were open and I realized that I would have bought myself a new shirt if I were someone else. (I NEEDED A NEW SHIRT AT THAT TIME sef).

Now I dislove (yes, I did that on purpose) lending out my books,…Most times.

The reason is :

Most people have no idea what it cost to get a book. Most times, I had to give up satisfying myself a want OR need. I could fast skip meals just to get this book.
Some borrowers don't even finish up a book they borrowed. I mean, why would you not finish a 198-paged book after 3 months?

Most people find it easier to ask/ borrow than to return the book. They can go to any length, make any promise just to get that which they ask.
They only tend to say what you wanna hear:

“I will bring it tomorrow."
“I will finish by tonight, I just wanna take some notes for a few hours.

*****And then the hours become days, And the days become weeks and the weeks to months past the deadline.

Things get more screwed up when I (the owner) need the book, pretty urgently…maybe, for reference purposes and I have no access to it.
It even gets more more more screwed up if the book gets returned but in a bad shape.

So, please ehn,,,,if you ask me to lend you a book and I (politely) decline, go and buy your own Understand, this is my reason.

I did not say that I absolutely do not lend out my books...Nah!!!, I ain't a stingy nigga. I only said that I hate dislove to. It is hard, sometimes...because of the stress involved.
Few exceptions occur though...Like That One Time When she promised to….okay, forget it!!!


  1. Lol... I read almost everything too including bus tickets. I read 2 books per month and I have been doing that for more than 3 years now. But the borrowing people part, No one has really asked so I don't know if I love giving out my books or not. But I get your point though.

  2. Mehn. Dem are asking me plenty o. At the moment, I am trying to put pressure on a guy who borrowed a book from me about 3 months ago. Thought I'd need it for some reference ish... But i guess amma have to create a plan B.


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