Thursday, 25 June 2015

Oh Lord...This Can't Be Me (Local Writers)

So earlier today, I was looking at some of my old articles. My intentions initially were to create some modifications to this blog...rearrange, modify templates and do some updates.

While i'z doing that, i perused through some old articles, hoping to share some on social media before the Cyber-Time I purchased expired. I came across a couple of articles that I just did not believe I wrote and it made me yell (in my heart) "Oh Lord...This Can't Be Meeee."

***Okay, i believe now that it was me...but it was just kinda hard accepting that belief initially.

Not like they (the articles) were BADly written, but well, there were a thing OR two that were not soooo anosmik about them. The words I used in the writing, the errors I made, the everything about them ain't really something I would use NOW if I were to write an article.
The funny ish is that at the time of writing those articles, they seemed like THE BEST I could do at that moment.

That taught me:
"My Best at the moment Is Not Really The Best that can be Offered by Me."

With time...and consistency, You Realize that YOUR BEST can be made BETTER.

***This, therefore means that someday I will look at THIS PARTICULAR ARTICLE (the one you reading now) and will say to myself: Oh Lord...This Can't Be Me!!!

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