Saturday, 27 June 2015

Upgrade Your Fairy Tale

THE GULDER SEARCH is nothing compared to the intensity of the kind of search that many ladies are into for their PERFECT MAN (An unknown Creature available only in stories, fairy tales and movies). In their quest for this creature, they screen all the men that come their way like it’s MTN PROJECT FAME.
They build up castles in the air and lock themselves in them…waiting for their lady asses to be rescued by their Brave egelege wrestler Knight in shiny armor...on a white Horse...and get swept off their feet by this guy.

***If you are a lady reading this, i am not referring to you...really.

Now While this may not be a bad idea at all, i think some ladies overdo their screening.
It is important that you realize that this KNIGHT IN SHINY ARMOR b.s only happens in Movies.

In The Real World,
There is no knight in shiny armor. If you miraculously find one, two things are involved:

It is Either his armor has not yet been tested or he has no White Horse.
If the Knight in shiny (tested) armor happens to have a White Horse, It is either the horse is not His or the guy is not coming to your castle.
If that Knight in shiny (tested) armor on a White horse (His) comes to your castle, It is either he missed his way OR he came to ask for someone else...your sister, maybe.
If the Knight in shiny (tested) armor on a White horse (His) comes to see you without missing his way, It is either he has no broom to sweep you off your feet OR he does not know how to sweep.
If this Knight in shiny armour (Tested) on a White Horse (His) comes to Your castle (deliberately) to seek you with a Broom to sweep you off your feet and the ability OR skill to do so.

The Perfect Man does not exist.

The same applies to Guys, "No Lady In A glass Shoe will lose it in the middle of the night...unless she's drunk...or dumb."

Okay, Bye!!!


  1. Have you already started searching?? :D

    We'll want a perfect "ish" just as you've written, they don't.
    But actually there are people who're perfectly suited for each person.

  2. *perfectly?*,
    I doubt it, my brother...
    *I think* PERFECTION is an ILLUSION.

    I've not started o...but I accept recommendations.... Lol!!!


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