Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pastors' Children Are Not Angels

I came across an article a while ago...It was actually one of those gossip articles that gets shared on social media once in a while all the time. The gossip was centered on a certain lady who threw a party somewhere... A Bikini Party that she set up to have a swell time with her friends.
Now, this story received a lot of criticisms from so many persons who deemed it wrong. Their Problem with this was not that this certain lady threw a (bikini) party at a certain place or time...habaaaapeople throw parties all the time.
Their Problem with the (bikini) party throwing was that this certain lady was the daughter of a certain renowned Pastor...of a certain church.

There is this common ideology that "Pastors' Children ought to always reflect what their Pastor parents think and preach, in their attitude and personal lives."
The sister-ideology of this is that "Most Pastors' Children (Most, not All) live lives that are different from what they should be (a reflection of what their Pastor-parents preach)...and that is BAD."

***I THINK These ideologies are B.J (bobo Juice).

My Reason Is:
"Pastors' Children are not Angels...they Are You and Me."

They (like You and Me) have their own beliefs, uniqueness, differences, limits, AND choices...They (like You and Me) have the freedom...A GOD-GIVEN ONE to exercise their uniqueness, make mistakes, say NO, say YES, choose for themselves and live their own lives.
These human-ly nature of theirs (like Yours and Mine) is independent of whatever their Pastor Parent(s) believe...and Preach and should be respected.
These people should therefore not be judged by who their parents are (or appear to be), what their Parents believe and what they preach. THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN PATH.


  ...Victory 'Angel because i am not a Pastor's Child' Anosike.


  1. God Bless You Brother! You speak my mind!!! I must share this

  2. Share on brother!!! Let the gospel prevail. Lol!!!


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