Sunday, 14 June 2015

ADvice is like Cooking

On this beautiful Sunday morning, while I was seating on my beautiful plastic seat, racking my beautiful brain to compose a beautiful composition for you, beautiful people. I overheard some guy in the room just opposite the one I was in at that moment saying to some other guy:
(And I quote)....

"The problem I have with you is that you do not listen to advice....."

For a moment, I paused my beautiful thinking... and redirected my beautiful thoughts to that beautiful statement and I came up with this.
"Virtually Everybody finds it easy to point out errors in Other people. Virtually Everybody finds it difficult to accept corrections from Other People."


"Advice is a bit like cooking (banga soup), you should taste it before you serve it to others."

HAPPY bea-utiful SUNDAY!!!

Victory 'Taste before Serving' Anosike.

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