Monday, 22 June 2015

My 250th Post: MY Writing Style

Sometime this month, the first week of it (i cannot remember the exact date...when i do, i will update this), I was approached by one young fine lady with an offer to join the Editorial Committee of One Association that i belong to in school, and submit some articles for a Magazine that they were working on.
And so i did...i went through all my blog posts and selected the few that could fit in a Christian Mag (it was not easy sha).

***oh, see me sef, i did not even tell you that it was a Christian Association that i belonged to in school that wanted the article.

Well, Out of the few (that could manage to fit in a Christian Mag) that i submitted, 2 were selected...One was Officially, The Other was Not.

***Okay, lemme explain that part.

Every article featured on the Magazine has the Name and Photo of the Writer attached to it (Official). But i eventually noticed that somewhere on the first few pages of the Magazine was an article of mine without my name on it (Unofficial).

About a week after i did the submission...and the selection was made, a friend of mine (same hostel as meself) called me and told me that he saw my name as the writer of an article in the Magazine which was just put up for sale...and which he just bought.
***I guess he was a bit amazed at the fact that I could do something making sense for a Spiritual Cause...and i must confess, my Head almost began to swell.

So i went to his room to see for myself...and as i perused through the Mag (actually i was looking to see how my Photo was on the Mag...i wasn't interested in reading any of the articles therein).

I noticed something....something that made my sphincter clench and my scrotum contract in shock. I was so shocked that i inadvertently exclaimed, "chineke, THEY EVEN FEATURED TWO OF MY ARTICLES!!!"...

***I was shocked because I didn't expect that they would love the articles so much that they'd opt for 2 instead of 1...., #HoldsHeadToPreventSwelling.

This friend of mine who is an ardent reader of my blog quickly snatched the Magazine from my hands and looked at the article in question again (he must have been wondering how he missed out the detail that Two Of Mine were featured, Not One).
As he looked closely, he agreement, "Ah, it is true...this is how you write." handing the Magazine back to me.
"na only you waka come fit use brackets [()], hashtags [#], asterisk [*] if you dey write., It Is your style ." He Said.

Actually ehn, it doesn't.
But then the jerk is: Everybody has a way of doing things, a style unique to them, a style that resonates with them, a style that they feel...Writers have their own style of writing. Artists too. Singers have their own style of singing, and everything you do.

My Writing (with all my brackets and hashtags and asterisks and slangs), My Photos (with all my Raw-pen sketches, Stick Figures, Black-out Arts and recently introduced Microsoft Worded Graphics) is just MY STYLE...It may not necessarily be the best i can offer and i am planning to advance my methods. But so far, this just is my style - NO STYLE.

Learn to Do things your own way...Be okay when you do things your way. Do Not be ashamed of it.
Do not compare yourself or your writing (or any other thing you do) with others.
Your Style is your Style.


Victory 'Dragon Writer' Anosike.

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