Friday, 3 July 2015

I Got Into An Argument Today...For #booty's Sake

So today I got into an argument with a Facebook Friend. NO It was not that kind that ends in a beef and NO, I don't usually do this...on Facebook. But I had to make today an exception...for a good cause.

He dared to write Writes:

Okay, now I am neither implying that i am a Fan of Infidelity, NOR a Supporter of Cheating Men... NOR a Coach of Divorcing.
No, No, No...
But I am only confessing (do not tell my pastor) that i am (shoulda bolded this) A PROUD LOVER of the booty (females only)...real ones too.

Truly, Church and Spirituality forces me to shut my eyes when I see booty passing my way (lest I burn in hell), and yes I know I do not usually...always deliberately verbally utter my admiration for what I think is the 2nd Most Amazing part of the Human Mature Female Body... next to the Human Mature Female Brain, BUT I think it (the booty) deserves some respect...the respect that it truly naturally deserves but has not been sufficiently served with over the millennia.

And this guy, openly disrespected/ insulted the booty, regarding it as just adipose nothing special. JESUUU!!! Infact i am angry again!!! This was a Huge Disrespect, Injustice!!!
And I had to protest ....

Nobody's ego or reputation was harmed in tha protestful argument. It all ended in 'LOLs' and 'OKs'.


Victory 'Booty Advocate' Anosike.


  1. You are definitely high on weed. Lol. Just kidding. I get your point and your friend's too. He didn't just drive home his point with some sense. Well on the ahem *coughs* booooty issue ehn, I think....*ink don finish sha*

  2. Hahaha....I suspect the beans I ate before I wrote this sha.

  3. Hahahahaha! The guy who actually post was really ruthless; something must have happened that made him write that; And your point, you are not far from the truth.

    Is this what actually Inspired u to write BOOTYficient?

    *haven't read it yet duh*

  4. No mind that guy.
    Nah, the 'BOOTYFICENT' Inspiration came before this.
    ***you should see it!


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